Same Day Hybrid Battery Replacement

hybrid batter

Prius, Civic, Accord, Camry & more.
We beat dealer pricing

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$39.95 Oil Change & Filter

FREE tire rotation & 30 point inspection

plus tax & hazard, most vehicles, synthetic & truck extra, up to 5qts oil

First Time Customers

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$25 off any purchase of $100 or more

Mileage Services 30k, 60k, 90k 

Black Odometer

Timing Belts
– oil changes – drive belts – spark plugs – water pumps
– air filter – coolant service – invertor service
– cabin filter – transmission service

Cloudy Headlight Restoration

cloudy headlights

“We Have The Cure”

Headlight Lens Cleaning


Toyota Prius Headlight Special


HID – Lights 25% Off

Us: $250 – Dealer $350

Halogen – Lights 10% Off

Us: $87 – Dealer $150

A/C System Check $65.00


Does Your Car Blow Warm Air?

Check For Leaks
Plus Freon Oil & Dye – 134R only
Some Restrictions Apply

Toyota Prius 01-99 Water Pump

front engine

water pump, drive belt, coolant & labor

Us $425 / Dealer $650